How to add Delta symbol in Excel

Delta symbol (∆) is a mathematical symbol that represents the change or difference between two values. It is commonly used in fields such as mathematics, science, finance, and engineering to represent the change in a quantity or variable. Adding the delta symbol (∆) in Excel is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps using either a keyboard shortcut or the Symbol dialog box.

Here we have a dataset which contains car names and their change in price from the year 2019 to 2021. We will be adding the delta symbol through 2 methods, let’s first have a look at the dataset above.

Method 1 – Adding Delta symbol manually.

Step 1 – Add Delta Symbol

  • Select the cell where you want to add Delta Symbol.
  • Go to the Insert tab, open Symbol from Symbols group.
  • Scroll down to find the symbol or type 0394 in Character code to find it fast. 
  • Then click Insert.

Step 2 – Insert the Delta Symbol for the rest of the cells.

  • Copy the delta symbol and paste it in the rest of the cells.

Method 2 – Add Custom Delta Symbol.

Step 1 – Add Delta symbol with custom properties.

  • Select the cells where you want to add the custom Delta symbol.
  • Press Ctrl + 1, Format cells menu will open.
  • In Number tab click on Custom.
  • Type the formula below in the Type box.

[Green] ▲ 0%;[Red] ▼ -0% 

Step 2 – Apply the custom formatting

  • After typing in the custom formatting code, click OK.
  • The Delta symbol will be added according to the values.