How delete a sheet in Excel

There are times while working in Excel that you want to delete an extra sheet which you made just for reference or backup and when the work is completed you wish to delete that extra sheet and keep the refined original sheet only.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to delete a sheet in Excel in two easy ways by following these simple steps. Let’s consider this workbook in which we have two sheets. First sheet is formatted and we want to keep it while the second one is the backup raw data sheet that we will delete.

Method 1 Delete sheet from sheet tab’s context menu

Step 1 – Open sheet tab’s context menu and choose delete 

  • Right click on the sheet tab. This will open up the sheet tab’s context menu. 
  • Choose Delete. Excel will ask you again to confirm the delete command because it can’t be undone. Press the Delete button on the next dialog box again and the sheet will be deleted forever.

Method 2 Use Delete option from Home Tab

Step 1 – Locate Delete option on Home tab and use Delete sheet 

  • We can also delete a sheet by using the Delete Sheet option on the Home Tab under Delete Options.
  • For this select the sheet you wish to delete and then go to the Home tab’s Delete options. Choose the Delete Sheet from this menu’s options. Excel will ask you again to confirm the delete command because the deleted sheet can’t be retrieved by the undo (CTRL+Z) command.