Excel round up a value to nearest whole number

In your spreadsheets while performing calculations you might need to round up a number to simplify calculations or avoid over insights.

So, let’s see how we can round up a number to the nearest whole in excel.

Step 1 – Write the formula

– Select the cell you want to use for the expression and press F2 key on the keyboard or you can double click the cell as well. You can also write the formula in the formula bar once you select the cell.

– Write the formula starting with the equal sign such as: =ROUNDUP(1.23456,0) . The comma separated parts of the formula are the value and the decimal place. Here we are using 0 to indicate that we want to round up to a whole number and do not require a decimal place.

Step 2 – Implement the formula

– After writing the formula, press enter to implement the formula and view the result.