How to SUM in Google Sheets

Google Sheets offer incredible features to ease mathematical calculations by using built-in formulas. One of those features is SUM, which enables us to calculate the sum of many numbers and simplify the calculation process with just one click.

Following are the two ways to sum up the numbers easily.

  • SUM numbers by clicking the sum button
  • SUM numbers by typing in the formula in the formula bar

We’ll learn about each of these features step by step in the sections below.

Method 1- SUM by clicking the sum button

Let’s start with the first method, it allows us to sum the numbers by an automatic method. Google sheets automatically select the first cell, the last cell, and apply the formula. 

To do this by yourself, please follow the steps described below;

Step 1 – Select the cells in sheet

  • Open Google sheets.
  • Select the first cell and drag down till the last row you want to sum.

Step 2 – Click on SUM button to calculate the sum

  • On the function bar, there is a function button in the top right corner of the menu bar, click on it.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. The first option is SUM, click on it.
  • Google sheet will automatically add a formula right below the selected range of data.
  • Press Enter button 
  • The sum will be calculated automatically and will be available in the cell below the data range.

The procedure is also shown in the picture above.

Method 2- SUM by typing the formula

To sum by writing the formula in Google sheets, the steps are pretty much easier and most commonly used. However, to achieve this goal please follow the steps below;

Step 1 – Write the formula of sum

  • Open the Google sheets
  • Go to the cell below to the last cell of your data, type formula =SUM(First cell of the column : Last cell of the column)

Step 2 – Get the final result

  • Press Enter key and the sum will be calculated.