How to make Google Sheets editable

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Google Sheets is popular because of its spreadsheet format and the ability to easily share the file with others. When you create a file in Google Sheets, as the author you have all the rights to edit the sheet. When you have a file that you want to make editable by others, you can set the permissions either at the sheet/range level or when sharing the file.

Option 1 – Make a sheet editable 

Step 1 – Open the Protected sheets and ranges box

  • Go to Data > Protect sheets and ranges

Step 2 – Access the permissions

  • Click on Can edit  for Sheet1

Step 3 – Open the Range editing permissions box

  • Select Change permissions

Step 4 – Set the permissions

  • Select ‘Custom’ under Restrict who can edit this range
  • Add the email addresses of those who can edit the file under Add editors:
  • Click Done
  • Click Done again to exit the permissions
  • Close the pane 
  • The users will be able to log in and edit the file

Option 2 – Share the file

Step 1 – Open the Share box

  • Click on the Share button

Step 2 – Add the email addresses

  • Under General access choose ‘Restricted’
  • Enter the email of the person who can edit the file
  • Click Done
  • Repeat the above for each email address

Step 3 – Send notification

  • Make the access type ‘Editor’
  • Click Notify people
  • Click Send
  • A notification will be sent to the email address
  • The user can access and edit the file