How to Insert Page Break In Google Sheets

In this tutorial we will learn how to insert page break in Google Sheets. Let’s look at the dataset given above, where we have the data for a chain of stores, and we want to print all the data on a single page.

Problem at Hand:

Google Sheets doesn’t show page lines by default. Since there are 13 columns in this Table. When we try to print this data, Google Sheets will print the page with default page size (in our case it selected the first 09 columns) & pushed the remaining columns to the next page. With the page breaks settings, you can easily modify the settings to do this.

Inserting a Google Sheets Page Break

Here are the steps that will allow you to insert a custom page break in your Google Sheets document:

Page breaks are essential for any document you want to print. If it was not for page breaks, your printer would not know where one page ends and the next begins.

Step 1 – Click File option in menu bar

– Go to the File option in the menu.

Step 2 – Select Print option

– Click on the Print option, or simply use the print shortcut (Ctrl+P). This will open the ‘Print Setting’ options.

Step 3 – Find “Set Custom Page Breaks Option”

– Once you have the print settings open in front of you, look for the blue text on the right side of your screen that says “SET CUSTOM PAGE BREAKS”.

Step 4 – Page Break Preview

– When you click on that option, Google Sheets will show you a preview of what it thinks your page breaks should look like. It will do so in the form of blue, spotted lines on the entire page.

Step 5 – Adjusting the Default Break Lines

– Next, hover your mouse cursor over the default breaks. The spotted line you choose will jump alive and take the shape of a thick and dark line.

Step 6 – Setting Page Break Line

– Click on that line and drag it to where you want your page break. After deciding on the place, simply release the line. You can place it anywhere on your page. For this example, I dragged the line to the colum M i.e December-2022.

Step 7 – Confirming the Page Breaks

– Once you are done placing your page breaks, simply click on the “CONFIRM BREAKS” button at the top right corner of your page.

That is it! Your new, custom page break has been set. This feature allows you to set multiple page breaks in your document on Google Sheets by dragging and dropping the default breaks.