How to increase row height in Google Sheets

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Cells in Google sheets are, by default, a uniform size. When formatting a spreadsheet, you may need to increase the height of a row so that the text is properly displayed. 

Option 1 – Use the row header

Step 1 – Increase the row height

  • Move the pointer to the line that borders the row
  • When the pointer changes to a double arrow, either double-click or drag the line to the desired height

Option 2 – Use the Resize option

Step 1 – Open the Resize window

  • Select the row containing the cell to be made bigger
  • Right-click and select Resize row from the context menu

Step 2 – Enter the row height

  • In the box, increase the height of the row
  • Click OK 

Step 3 – View the result

  • The row height is increased