How to alphabetize in Google Sheets and keep rows together

Are you trying to sort your data and the data from the other column stayed intact in their rows? Or you sorted your data then your header also went through the sorting and is now gone from the top row? These results can surely make you scratch your head. However, we know what you want and it is to sort your data while keeping the rows together. In this tutorial we will show you exactly how to do that.

Step 1 – Select your table

– Select the table you are trying to sort by pressing CTRL+A

Step 2 – Open ‘Advanced range sorting options’

– To open the said dialogue box, click on data.
– Hover your mouse over to ‘Sort range’
– Select ‘Advanced range sorting options’

Step 3 – Tick ‘Data has header row’

– Upon ticking this, it will exclude the top row so make sure that your list really does have headers.

Step 4 – Select the column that you want to be sorted

– In the ‘Sort by’ box, select the title of the column that you want your sort to be applied on.
– You can add another level of sorting rule by clicking ‘Add another sort column’
– Click ‘Sort’ and your list will be sorted just like how you want it.