How to add bullets in google sheets

Google sheet is not a word processing software, therefore; it doesn’t offer many tools for text formatting. However, we often need to use bullets with our data to present it in an aesthetic way. In today’s tutorial, we’ll learn how to add bullets in Google Sheets using the following two methods. 

Method 1 – using character code

In this method we insert a bullet by using its character code.

=CHAR(8226) &” ”& Cell number  

It will provide a bullet , inverted commas    “ ”  will add space between bullet and cell value.

Step 1 – use the code and apply bullets

Above is an animation as an example.
  • Select a cell.
  • Use character code and add the cell number that  you wish  to be bulleted. 
  • Use filler or drag it down till you last cell.

Hence, we have been added bullets in google sheet

Method 2 – Use custom formatting for numbers

By using this method we can copy bullets from any other source and paste it in custom formatting for numbers.

Step 1 – Copy the bullet icon

Here is an animation
  • Go to Format tab
  • Click on Number
  • Go to Custom number format
  • Add a new rule , paste the bullet icon and type @ . It will add a bullet either the text will be character or numeric values.

As we know it is not the built-in function of google sheets but we can use it by the above mentioned method.