How to copy a drop-down list in Excel

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to copy a drop-down list. In the following data set above we’ve already created a drop-down list, now we’ll learn how to copy it, so follow the steps mentioned below.

A drop-down list, also known as a dropdown menu, is a user interface element that allows users to select one item from a predefined list of options. It typically consists of a text box with a small arrow or triangle on the right side. When the user clicks on the arrow, a list of options “drops down” from the text box, allowing the user to choose an option from the list. The biggest advantage of the drop-down is accuracy, because drop-down lists offer a predefined set of options, they help to ensure that users select a valid option and reduce the likelihood of error.

Step 1 – Select the drop-down lists to copy

– Select and copy the cell in which the drop-down list is already available.
– Copy the cell from the context menu or use the shortcut key (Ctrl +C).
– When you copy the cell, a green blinking animated rectangle will appear.

Step 2 – Now paste the drop-down lists

– After copying that cell, paste it to any cell within the worksheet.
– Paste the cell by using the shortcut key ( Ctrl + V) or from the context menu.
– Same method can be applied for pasting a drop-down list to another sheet in Excel.

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